Sunday, July 22, 2018

Sunday's Critters and Hummers

Something for everyone this morning.

Starting off with a Rufous Hummingbird.

She decided that one of my fuchsia hanging baskets was worth her attention. 

I love to watch them work flower by flower. 

This young Rufous deigned to pose for me.

Right profile.

Scratching an itch.

I haven't seen that many chipmunks the past few days.

There were a couple on the woodpile.
This one...

...and this one.
Did I mention we have a family of four living in the garage?
We are waiting for the babies to grow up before 'relocating' them.

A baby bunny!

Having breakfast.

This poor doe - both the fawns were crying and then latched on her to nurse. 

She looks rather weary doesn't she?

But she remains attentive.

I love the faves she made - this one...

...and this one.

A rather resigned look.

A mother's work is never done.


Vickie said...

Oh no! Chipmunks in the garage! We had that once. Drove the poodles wild!! The doe sure does look worn out. I saw a hummingbird right across the street here on Main Street the other day. It was zooming around a large hibiscus.

LaNelle said...

What a beautiful post on this Sunday morning Mother Nature at her finest so many blessings 😍amazing photos as always!!

Robin in Virginia said...

Beth, your critter and hummer pictures are delightful. The last picture you shared looks like the scene we came across yesterday morning on the way to the farmer's market. Thank you for sharing!