Saturday, July 7, 2018

June Trail Camera Photos - The Backyard

June was a busy month - the camera in the backyard worked overtime.
I'm going to present the photos in date order so we'll stroll through the month from start to finish and get a sense of the patterns of some of the animals.

We begin the month with a night-time bobcat visit.

Steller's Jay

A couple of bunnies.



Bounding bunny

Steller's Jay

California Quail






Oh that face!

The first fawn

The second one - playing Catch Up!

Both of them.

Run baby run!

Raccoon once again. 


Quail parents and babies - can you see the little ones following their parents?

Out for an afternoon stroll.

And back again the next afternoon.

Leaping lepis.

Another nocturnal visit...

...and another one... now we switch to a daytime walk about. 

A young buck - see the velvet nubs?


Angie said...

Beautiful! Magnificent bob cat. Love the fawn. We had a mama deer in our garden for about two weeks. She ate bird seed during the day. She was clearly lactating with a good size utter but never showed us her baby.

Robin in Virginia said...

What wonderful pictures, Beth! That bobcat looks very regal. Love seeing the babies! Enjoy your day!

Barb said...

What a cute little fawn but that bob-cat is just amazing!

Mary said...

Such variety but the thriller is certainly seeing that big, beautiful bobcat so often!

LoriU said...

Wow you definitely have some wildlife!! Are you afraid of the bobcat?