Sunday, July 29, 2018

A Happy Ending

I don't think I've ever seen a baby chipmunk before.

Here's the larger parent 'munk.

Both of them.

Pretty adorable.

Big brown eyes.

Here are the twins... #1.


And a big crowd.

Originally I was not going to share the story of the orphaned fawn I saw crying and bleating Thursday.  The poor deer tried to pair up with several different does and they all aggressively rejected the baby.

Thursday night I had hopes that the due with the twins might let an extra baby tag along - the twins were most interested while the orphan was skittish but interested.

Then on Friday morning I witnessed a mother / child reunion.
The fawn ran up to this doe crying and 'talking' and immediately tried to nurse.  While the doe did not allow the baby to nurse, she did not reject it (perhaps she is weaning it).    

The two of them have been together all day. 

I like a happy ending, don't you?


Robin in Virginia said...

I hope it is a happy ending for the fawn. I don't think I have ever seen a baby chipmunk either. Thanks for sharing, Beth!

Vickie said...

I am glad the fawn is with it's mother. What an anxious situation.
The little chipmunk is darling.

Rhodesia said...

Wonderful photos. Keep well Diane

Angie said...

Beautiful photos, Beth! After a few days of absence (maybe because the farmer was cutting the field behind our house) I see the doe again in our garden eating bird seed off the ground. The fawn has been elusive. He is about the size of your orphaned fawn. I have not seen him again after the one time he came out of the tree line. I wonder why that is. The doe still has an utter so I assume she's still feeding him.
The only chipmunk I have seen in our backyard was caught by the stray cat. I cried :(

Margaret said...

Wonderful to see a happy ending! And the baby chipmunk! So cute!!

RJ said...

Yes I like happy endings! I do hope Mom continues to take care of the baby. How interesting twin deer. Love the little chipmunk. RJ

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

What a great story.