Sunday, July 8, 2018

June Trail Camera Photos - Down the Driveway - Dorothy's Creek

And now we can see what's been happening along the path that follows Dorothy's Cree - down the hill from our house.  

Again the month begins with a bobcat.

Back again.


An evening walk

The white tip of the tail glows.


Fox - wish we'd get a daytime shot.

Steller's Jay fly-by.


Young buck


Coming by for a drink.

The only bear sighting this month.

Water - everyone gets thirsty.


Mama and baby.

Off in a rush!

Two of them! Spot and Dot.

Having a drink.

Handsome buck.

The bob-cat is back!

We have two bucks - here's one...

And here's Mighty Buck!  Look at those antlers!


Robin in Virginia said...

You had a lot of activity especially at night, Beth. Our neighbors had a bear sighting Thursday or Friday. They said it looked like it was "casing" the orchard. Enjoy your day!

Barb said...

We have had lots of bear sightings in our neighborhood this summer. That bob-cat is such a strong looking animal.