Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wednesday's Wet Walk

Snow in the mountains, rain in the valley.
Grab an umbrella and come with me! 

This is the smallest of our three seasons creeks - look at it roar!

Wet weather is perfect for licorice ferns. 

Red, red rosehips.

Quiet beauty.
An oak leaf and acorn.
I stumbled across Catherine Woodall Jewelry on Facebook.
She has some amazing oak leaf and acorn necklaces in her Etsy shop.

Lungwort Lichen (Lobaria pulmonaria) doesn't that sound like something out of a Harry Potter book?

A spot of color - most of the leaves have fallen.

Sweet little mushroom.

Carpet moss on the side of a tree.

The Big Creek.

As we've not yet had a hard frost, there are still blackberries. 

Snowberries.  Apparently these don't taste very good so they are a 'last resort' food for the birds in deep winter.

Willows along the bank of the Big Creek.

Blackberry leaf.

Bracken ferns.

Catkins on the Hazelbrush.  You'd think spring was just around the corner.

Dorothy's Creek is rush along.

A crunchy carpet of pine needles.

Okay, time to go back inside to dry off and enjoy a hot drink.


Maggee said...

You always inspire me!! It looks like today is our last is already 69, and predicted to go to around 75!! It must have rained a bit through the night, cause the grounds are wet, but I am getting out and birding! Yesterday, besides going to my little local lake and seeing lots of waterfowl, I went across town to hopefully spot a Lesser Goldfinch that has visited a friend's backyard three days in a row! But... sadly, it did not appear while I was there! It was pretty exciting, waiting to possibly spot a RARE bird for here! And I would know what it looked like, thanks to your blog! The winds might have blown it here, and now taken it away...who knows? It was fun!

Vickie said...


Barb said...

What a nice walk, thanks for sharing.