Monday, November 7, 2016

Plugging Along

I am still stitching away on my last October Owl project. This is a Bent Creek chart.  I'm also trying to settle on a couple of November stitches.  More on that tomorrow.

The California Quail are the stars of today's post.
Here's a young female with the two chicks that having lost their parents, have become part of the large flock. 

They hang out with who is ever handy.

They are substantially smaller than the rest of the birds.

And are still ''sweet' looking, or so I think.

All the other birds are easily distinguishable as males or females now.

Here's a look at some of the 50 or so birds I see most mornings.

As you can see, the deer fence is A-okay with them!


Maggee said...

By spring, those babies will be very much different, right?


I remember when I lived in Florida back in the early 90's--one of the houses I rented had a nice woods beside it--and every morning a momma Quail would march by the large glass sliding doors and behind here all in a row as 4-5 babies marching right along following mommma--still remember that--see I am not old yet???
thanks for sharing your photos-
love and laughter, di

Frances N said...

I love those sweet, fat quail! I'm glad the little ones with no family are finding someone to be with. I always think of quail in the fall.

Barb said...

Those quails are such interesting birds.

Margaret said...

Love the quail! Love them! So is the whole building project in your yard finished yet??