Monday, November 21, 2016

Another Start Before a Finish

As you can see I'm now stitchng away on Lizzie Kate's "In All Things Give Thanks". I changed the color of the pumpkin from what was charted - I'll share the details when I am able to post this as finished.

Today I have a mix of little birds and larger birds.
The Oregon Juncos are some of my little birds. I have several of them - 8 or so I think.  They stay together in a loose flock, but they bicker and squabble.

The Black-headed Chickadees also visit in small flocks.

They are much better manners and more cooperative.

They hang out together looking out for predators...

...and they take turns at the feeders, two or three at a time.

The California Quail are obviously larger birds.
They are also very cooperative.

Often one or more the the males will take perch to help look out over the rest of the flock. 

If they sound the alarm everyone runs and ducks for cover.

I wish I could get a photo to show you just how many birds I have right now.

I think I've counted as many as 52!

I think this pair is in the most preliminary stages of courting though they will not get serious about it until spring. 

You have to admit that she is pretty adorable!


carol fun said...

Love your bird pics ... the quail are so interesting... such pretty feathers!

Shirley Hill said...

I just love how much wildlife you have in your yard, including the cats!

Kaisievic said...

Wonderful bird pics, I do like those black-capped chickadees.

Barb said...

If I was forced to pick out a favorite bird, I think it would be the chickadee.