Saturday, November 14, 2015

Winter Garden Ideas

When my sister and I visited Down to Earth in late October, they were ready for fall.

With our generally mild winters, we can have some color by planting pansies...

..and cyclamen.

I thought these heron sculptures where very clever in their simplicity.

My sister has garlic that needs planting...

...and I have some bulbs to plant in pots for early spring color.

We both liked these boots and garden clogs.  My sister bought the red and I got a pair of yellow. 

I can always use a new pair of garden gloves... 

...and another trug or two.

Do you have plants to plant any bulbs this year?

After leaving the nursery, we went over to take part in an apple and pear tasting.

There were a couple dozen kinds of apples and the tastes and textures varied greatly.

I'm partial to a crisp, slightly sweet apple.  


Carol said...

What a great place to visit for some gardening inspiration--really love the heron sculptures!

Barb said...

What a great way to sample apples. I can be very picky about them so that would really help me. What a great garden center. I do love the boots!