Thursday, November 19, 2015

Humble Gratitude

I brought this stitch out of the archives as I thought the sentiment was extremely fitting after everything that has happened in the world recently.
We still have much to be thankful for.

Design - "Humble Gratitude"
Designer - For My Boys
Fabric - 32 count Flax linen 
Fibers - WDW - 2 strands over 2 threads
Started - 13 November 2010
Completed - 20 November 2010

The other day Padma and a young fawn had a face-off. 

At first the fawn appears not to notice the cat.

The she does, and comes in for a closer look.

"Who is this creature?"


Padma turns a cold shoulder.

But the fawn comes closer still.

Time for a retreat!

"I wasn't the least bit scared," says Padma Patel.


Justine said...

Cute finish and a lovely sentiment. Happy Thanksgiving!
Love the photos of Padma and the deer having a face off. Padma looks to have won even though there was a tactical retreat!

Vickie said...

That is a great stitch. Those two sure came close to each other.

Carol said...

Such a perfect stitch for these troubled times, Beth! If only humans could get along as well as Padma and the deer...

ORANGERY S said...

Those pictures are so adorable. What is Padma a beautiful cat. I love the stitching. Happy Thanksgiving, Sunny greetings from New Orleans, Alice

Le trame della Galaverna said...

Animals are fantastic
Padma is incredible

Barb said...

What cute pictures of Padma and the deer! I think it is so important for all of us not to lose sight of our many blessings. Thanks for the reminder.

daisy g said...

So glad she retreated instead of lashing out! I wonder who was more curious? ;0D

Maggee said...

Love the Humble Gratitude piece... wonder if it is lingering in MY stash? Funny pictures with Padma... always something happening with them and the wildlife at your place! Hugs!