Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tuesday's Turkey and Quail Couple

Here's a Thanksgiving design from my Cross Stitch Archives.

Design - "Tall Turkey" (kit)
Designer - Heart in Hand
Fabric - 32 count Tobacco linen
Started - 22 November 2001
Completed - 25 November 2001

The tobacco linen really makes this design pop!

Parvati decided to go into the pantry with me and found a box calling her name.

On Sunday I counted 44 California Quail in the backyard.
A couple of males.

A plump young female.

I think someone is interested!

Maybe they are siblings.

At this point she is playing hard to get!


Carol said...

Such a cute finish from your archives, Beth! Are the quail always that plump? They look so round that they could just roll away with a strong wind :) What great photos...

Vickie said...

Ha! Plump is right!

Terri said...

Love the quail pictures!

Le trame della Galaverna said...

Stitch is very cute
Parvati is fantastic also my cat loves box
In Italy we have a Christmas cake: panettone and my cat adores is package or box. If I remember I will post the photos. Ciao

Barb said...

I always enjoy seeing the beautiful quails. What a cute little turkey design. I agree,the linen allows the thread colors to pop!

Frances N said...

That is a really cute turkey!
Those are some ROUND quail! Or fluffy!!! haha
I love the kitty in the box!!!

mick said...

The Quail are beautiful and you are lucky to have them in your backyard. Great photos.

Margaret Adamson said...

Great series of quail images.

Liz Needle said...

Love your quail shots. They look so pompous and full of themselves. I have never seen qail as big as this. Ours are smaller I think. Interesting birds.

the Fairy Stitcher said...

beautiful quails

Mary Cromer said...

Oh I am quite envious! We were in CA 3 years ago and I only saw a few from a distance. They are so beautiful!