Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Sunday Regulars

My male Anna likes to hang out on a small tree in the back and watch over his territory.

The bright red head and ruffled feathers mean that he is defending 'his' nectar sources.

He looks pretty fierce, the light turning his face almost black.

The green back feathers glow as well.




The female Anna's are more mellow.

This is a rather funny pose.

She's keeping an eye on me.

In different light the dark green appears more emerald.

Hard to believe just how fast those wings can flutter.

Drink up!  You live life at full speed and need the calories.


the Fairy Stitcher said...

Beautiful birds

Chris said...

Love these guys. Ours have headed south and the feeders are put away until April 1st.
I love this months header! All those turkeys:) Do you have more turkey stitching planned for the month?