Thursday, November 12, 2015

Turkeys and Siskins and a Gray Jay too!

Design - "Turkey Flatbed" (Zippies)
Designer - Bent Creek
Fibers - DMC & WDW - 2 strands over 2 threads
Fabric - 28 count Picture This Plus Doubloon Cashel
Started - 9 November 2015
Completed - 11 November 2015

I moved the position of the leaf, and I changed the color of the pumpkin to DMC 3826.  I did not think DMC 975 was orange enough.

One of my neighbors has an interesting bird visiting her feeders.

It's a Gray Jay!  The Jay's range is normally in the Cascade Mountains and to the east, so this is a rare visitor.

My visitors are irruptive.  The birds breed in northwestern Canada and are permanent residents over most of Canada.  

But some years, the head south for the winter into most of the U.S.

They did so last year, and it would seem that they are doing the same this year.  I certainly have a nice flock of around 30 birds.

The fine yellow bars on their wings keep them from being just another Basic Brown Bird.

They have fine, sharp bills and love both nyger seed and hulled sunflower seeds. 

They are social, and rarely seen alone.

Here they are at my nyger feeder/

Proof that birds of a feather flock together!


Vickie said...

Cute stitch Beth.
I had never seen a Grey Jay.

Le trame della Galaverna said...

So lovely birds
Great idea for the stitching.

Wanda said...

Love your stitched piece Beth!
I had to look up irruptive - what a great term! I can't believe how many pine siskins you have although I shouldn't be surprised as you get large flocks of many types of birds. Great photos!

Barb said...

Very interesting. I had never heard of a gray jay. I love your little stitching project and the pumpkin color is just right!

the Fairy Stitcher said...

cute finish ♥

Anna van Schurman said...

Your turkey is cute. I've never seen a gray jay before!

Maggee said...

I saw my first Gray Jay on the Bird Cams at Cornell website... I forget which one, but probably the Ithaca one... When it is a slow day here, that is what I like to other people's feeders! Nice little finish, and what a great flock of birdies! Hugs!