Wednesday, June 4, 2014

We Have Blossoms!

We have blossoms!  I've made some progress on "August's Poppy".  Now I have stems and leaves left to do. 

It's Wednesday, it's lovely.  Let's go for a walk. 

While the world still appears green and lush, I've noticed that already some of the grasses are turning brown. 

I was quite worried about the health of our Madrone. They did not like the extreme cold weather in December and February. The trees looked truly pitiful in early spring and I feared we might lose them.  Since then, while they did not bloom,  they've put on a flush of new green leaves. I'm hopeful.

The Hazel Brush has immature nuts. 

I could introduce a series of new paint colors.
Here's Big Leaf Maple Green.

Followed by Sword Fern Green.

Bracken Fern Green.

Pine Green

This plant caught my eye - no idea what it is. It does have interestingly shaped leaves.

Horsetail Green

The Willamette Valley is notorious for being the Hay Fever Capital of the US.
Nonetheless, I think the ripe grass heads are miniature works of art. 

Would you agree?

Clover Green

Two-toned Hemlock Green

Douglas Fir Green

Blackberry Green

There are more shades of green than I can count.  I hope you enjoyed today's Green World Tour.

One year ago today Mom and I looked went to the Musee d'Orsay and a cross stitch shop.


Giovanna said...

Lots of green in your pictures, and in so many different shades and shapes - beautiful! Nice going on your stitching too. And so nice to revisit your days in Paris :-)

Carol said...

August's Poppy just keeps looking better and better, Beth! And what a gorgeous walk today--love all the various fern photos.

Bianca said...

I love August's design of the diary series. The red of the poppies is so pretty!

cucki said...

Sweet stitches with
Beautiful day x

Ranae said...

Looking so pretty

Małgorzata Zoltek said...

Lubię oglądać Twoje fotorelacje. Mieszkasz w pięknym miejscu. Z przyjemnością tu zaglądam. Ostatni haft uroczy - bardzo lubię maki.Pozdrawiam.

Margaret said...

I love your August stitching! So beautiful! I think this one is my favorite of the months so far. Love all the greens too. Green is one of my favorite colors!

Barb said...

I just love the monthly series you are doing! We do live in a green wonderful part of the world! We have been under a marine layer the last two days, that means clouds until about 5 pm. If it is so cloudy, I wish we would get some rain.

Melissa said...

The August Poppies is so pretty! The colours are gorgeous!

I like the Green World Tour. Green is very calming.

Marlene Jones said...

Love this post, very interesting and very green!

Maggee said...

I love Poppies! Tho California ones, which are a golden color, are my faves. What an array of greens... The Hemlock with two colors is so striking. And the Horsetail is a perfect name for that plant!

Mouse said...

love the poppies ... well done on the progress .. the unsure one looks like a dock leaf ?? but I think we have something very similar down by the canal .... love mouse xxxx