Saturday, June 7, 2014

May's Best Trail Camera Photos

For most of this year our Trail Camera has 'captured' deer, deer, and still more deer.  Thus, it was a pleasant surprise to download May's photos and see who has been active near the natural ford at Dorothy's Creek

First off, I was totally amused that even a small gray squirrel can trip the camera.

And yes, deer, deer, and more deer.  
On both sides of Dorothy's Creek. 

One on the right bank, three on the left bank of the creek. 

Thinking about crossing over.

But as promised, there were more than squirrels and deer this month. 

A Bob-Cat!
This was taken at 7:31pm on May 23rd.
The camera has a hard time with light issues as day edges into night. 

This photo is a topic of arguements disagreement. Some members of my family think it is a Bob-Cat.  I don't because the ears are wrong. I think it is possible it is a house cat. 

Anyway, there is no doubt that this is a Bob-Cat.

The cat strolled by at 4:13pm on May 21st.

Earlier the same day the same cat, a different cat?

Same cat, different cat - a lovely animal nonetheless.

And if that weren't enough excitement...

May 18th - 10:00pm - a Bear!

Okay, better still...

May 21st, 1:21am
Mama Bear and see the glowing eyes of the cub on the other side of the creek?

Here the cub's eyes glow a bit better.

Mama Bear exits stage right.
Still have glowing eyes on the right bank of the creek.

Eleven seconds later  Cub #1 (last year's cub - a good sized bear) walks off to the right.  Cub #2 with glowing eyes climbs up the bank, while Cub #3  (a dark blob) descends the bank on the far side.  

One second later, there's a better look at Cub #2, as Cub #1 moves further to the right.

And finally, here's the best look we have for Cub #3.
Four bears!  Or as my father noted, we must have five bears as there has to be a Papa Bear somewhere! 

One year ago today Mom and I left our Paris apartment and returned to London.


Vickie said...

tee hee. Your dad has a good point about the papa bear. ;)

Margaret said...

Wow! So cool! Where is this camera again? Hopefully not tooooo close to the house? :D

cucki said...

Aww so cool...
Sweet hugs x

Giovanna said...

Cute creatures :-)

Maggee said...

That is a lot of WILD animals showing up on the back 40! Yikes!

Barb said...

This is such an amazing post. Bob cats and bears!!!!!! I always look forward to seeing what your night camera sees.

Rowyn said...

That must be so much fun seeing who comes to visit! You certainly have a good array of visitors. I love the bear family pics.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Bobcat and bears - very scary Beth.

Wanda said...

Beth, the trail camera got some amazing shots! That's a lot of bears!

Mouse said...

if you go down to the woods today you sure for a big surprise ... cooooo look at those wee bears well not sooo wee but how fab is that camera .... I am with you on the don't know photo there is no flick on the ears as there is on a bob cat but its a huge cat nevertheless ....
and love the close up in colour ones of them ... love mouse xxxxx

Melody said...

Wow, what an impressive array of wild creatures that your camera caught!! Kind of scary to know they are all nearby. That is a large family of bears!

Melanie said...

Bears!!!!!! Exciting....and scary!