Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Warren of Rabbits

Design - "Alphabet with Hare" (freebie)
Designer - La-D-Da
Fabric - Unknown
Fibers - Crescent Colours - Eve's Leaves & Hunny Bunny, 2 strands over 2 threads
Started - 21 May 2014
Completed -  9 June 2014 

As you can see the vote was overwhelmingly for a border.  So I stitched one, and I do like it with the border. I think this finish has enough green that even Margaret will like it!

A group of wild rabbits is called a colony a nest or a warren.
I think we have enough to have all three names taken care of!

Seeing three rabbits so close together is very usual. 

Most often they need a bit of space from one another.

I love the expression of the guy on the right!
"What's up Doc?"

More typically we have single rabbits scattered about.

Munching away.
This was a bit unusual as well - two baby rabbits!

As night took over a young deer bedded down in the backyard.  

One year ago today Mom and I visited a couple of London bookstores and I blogged about Kew - it was worthy of two posts!  


Giovanna said...

Congrats, that's really pretty! The bunnies are so cute :-)

Maggee said...

Your finish looks great--I dug that one out of my stash to put in the mix... Bunnies are too cute, aren't they? Hugs!

Margaret said...

So many babies! Cool stuff! And yes, your finish has a wonderful amount of green in it. My favorite green too! :D Love it!

krayolakris said...

Just adorable! I was thrilled to see a bunny in my backyard tonight!

Barb said...

That is such a pretty design and I do like the way the border sets it off! As usual, great wildlife pictures!

Carol said...

Ah...such a cute finish! You are so lucky to see so many bunnies--we see very few here, just an ever-expanding population of groundhogs and deer!