Sunday, June 15, 2014

Hummingbird Sunday

Happy Father's Day!

I'm sure some of these Hummingbirds are proud fathers too.

I'm very pleased that after a couple of months, the hummers are finally using my newest feeder.  I have it attached to the kitchen on the back porch. 

So welcome Anna's Hummingbird (female) to the newest drinking fountain! 

Here's a female Rufous Hummingbird hard at work. 

The Annas and the Rufous both enjoy my many blooming plants. 

I do purchase several plants each spring with goal of providing food and interest for the hummers.

They are especially taken with this large pink salvia.

It is a big plant - three feet wide with lots and lots of blossoms.

Despite the bounty of feeders and blooms, the hummers are very territorial and will stand guard over an area. 

I maintain there is more than enough for all...

...but I'd be in the minority with that opinion.

The birds also stand guard near the front porch.

As the porch is now awash in fuchsias another major hummingbird favorite.  

We'll leave today with this male Anna's Hummingbird.
He might be a father after all!

One year ago today Mom and I watched the Trooping of the Color!  An amazing experience, it included the last public appearance of the Duchess of Cambridge before the birth of Prince George in July. 


Carol said...

What fabulous hummer pictures, Beth! You have such a variety of them. We only seem to get one kind here, but maybe I need to take a closer look... Glad they've taken to your new feeder :)

cucki said...

They so cute xxx

Melissa said...

Great photos, Beth! It's such a treat to see these hummers in stillness! ;-)

linda said...

I am always so amazed that these tiny birds have such loud voices when they are guarding and chasing away others!! Great pictures of them all.

Margaret said...

Ah, my favorite! I love hummingbirds! What great pictures!!! Glad the hummers took to your newest feeding station too.

LaNelle said...

These are one of my all time favorite birds just love them they are truly amazing I put up more feeders each year as well as plants for them. Great photos!

Pam in IL said...

I love seeing all the Hummers! I have only a couple visiting my flowers and feeder. Your new feeder looks interesting. How did you get the hummers to come to it?

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I envy you those hummingbirds, they are so beautiful and so delicate. My mum watched the trooping of the colour on Saturday.

Melanie said...

Great pics of these. Especially considering how fast they move. They really are quite vicious, aren't they? Always zooming one another, angry, angry, angry.

Andrea said...

Wow look at those wings go!

Chris said...