Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Bee and Birds

It's June and by gosh I'm gonna' stitch a bee or two.
Here's the start of a small Prairie Schooler bee.

There are lots of birds to watch and enjoy at the beginning of June.

Rufous and Anna's Hummingbirds

Turkey Vultures


I consider them to be a HUGE pest and don't normally post photos of them, but hey, who would resist the grumpy looking Starling fledgling on the right?  

Evening Grosbeaks

My Western Wood-Pewee came by again.

I was able to get a better (and closer) look.
He's a rather quietly handsome bird with a strong bill. and a bit of a crest to his head.

I have been so lucky lately.
Since first showing up on Saturday, I've seen at least two Cedar Waxwings each evening just after 8pm. 

They have a very soft trill that they make talking to one another. Amazingly I hear them before I can locate and see them.  The birds must be spending the nights close by.

One year ago today Mom and I visited Giverny and Versailles.


cucki said...

Sweet x

Melissa said...

A lovely new start on the Bee! My eyes did a "cringe" on the black linen though. That's just my old eyes!

It seems that Waxwings like your garden!

Mary said...

I have stitched one item on black... the sampler Brenda designed for 2011 Decorah eagles. It is beautiful but I swore ( often) that I would never stitch on black again. But I did pick up PS Happy Christmas to do and yes it is on black....I plan to do it this the sound you will hear from the east coast is me cursing.........

Maggee said...

I haven't ventured to stitch on black fabric yet... But not saying Never! I am liking the colors of the Cedar Waxwings--very soft and pretty. Hugs!

Giovanna said...

Nice start on the bee. And nice bird pictures - what a variety.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

The baby starling is cute but I know what you mean about pests. They used to be like that over here but have reduced greatly in numbers in recent years. The waxwings are lovely birds.

Margaret said...

Love seeing all your birds. The hummers are wonderful and will still be my favorites. :D

Barb said...

So many pretty birds. Even that little Starling looked cute.

Heather said...

I have that pattern in my stitching pile. :-) I need to finish my current project, so I can start that one.

I am so aggravated with the starlings. They are devouring my bird food!
Lovely birds!

Mouse said...

we have starlings at the back of our house every year they nest above the bathroom ... noisy critters they are prefer the sparrows at the front . love mouse xxxxx

Andrea said...

Beautiful stitching. Have loved the walk we all went on and all of the recent bird photos. Wow how long does it take for you to water all of those pots?