Friday, August 9, 2013

Up High Down Low

Today was a Stay in London Day.

We began our day by showing my sister Southwark Cathedral.

Even though this cathedral is in a bustling neighborhood next to London Bridge station, it was a quiet contemplative place Friday morning.

Our next was the Borough Market.
Mom and I had been before on a Saturday and the market was crazy packed with people.

It was quieter on Friday which made for much better 'window shopping'.

We must have sampled 6 or 7 different cheeses.  Mom ended up buying Red Cow Parmesan and a Welsh Blue.

Southwark Cathedral no longer dominates the area as it once did - the Shard looms high, high, high above it.

My sister and I decided to pay the outrageous tariff (£29.95)and go up to the 69th and the 72nd floors to see 'The View'.  As you know heights are not really my thing and I rather clung to the interior wall.  This young child however had no fear and attempted to interact with the window-washers.  Oh gosh, window-washing the Shard!  Can you even image?

The views were stunning.  Here's St. Paul's.

The Tower Bridge

Cannon Street Station

St Paul's and its neighborhood

The collage includes photos of Canary Wharf, the Tower Bridge looking toward Canary Wharf, The Monument, St Pauls, a city vista, Cannon Street Station, the Olympic Stadium, the Eye, the Gherkin, and the Tower of London.

We did reasonably well walking around on the 69th floor, the 72nd floor was more challenging.  It was 'open to the elements' with the wind blowing and I thought it much scarier! 

From there we went to Regent Street and stumbled across All Souls Church.  It was designed by John Nash, who as it turns out, was also responsible for much of Georgian Bath!  Next door was the wonderful Art Deco BBC building.  A great compare and contrast in architectural styles. 

In the evening we took the Underground to Baker Street Station.
The station embraces its literary ties to Sherlock Holmes.

We walked over to Regent's Park.

Regent's Park was full of retina-searing colour!
We attended an outdoor theatre wonderful performance of "The Sound of Music".  A truly stellar production - super cast, great costumes.  A feel-good, most enjoyable evening.


Angie Burrett said...

So pleased you were brave and conquered The Shard! Wonderful post and great photos. Have a good weekend Beth xx

Vickie said...

Oh my! I would have been hugging the interior wall too! That photo. The photo of the child and window washer just really, really touches me.
I would absolutely love an outdoor performance of The Sound of Music!!

Margaret said...

Wow, fantastic! Such views! I think the 69th floor sounds nicer. lol! I'm not into heights either. Nice that you got to see the Sound of Music too!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

The Shard looks amazing, I've not been to London for years so I've not seen it yet. I think I'd have been with you clinging to an interior wall. The little fellow made me smile.

hazel said...

My.i can not imagine going up the shard, my brother did a few weeks but I know I would not like it maybe if I was a lot younger. I remember going up Big Ben when I was a teenager.

Sound of music sounds lovely especially in the open air. I should think regents park looked lovely at the moment with all the roses hopefully still in bloom.

Where to next I wonder.


Giovanna said...

Those sights are unique and wonderful - the price is highway robbery, but I would have probably done it too :-)

Barb said...

That sounds like a wonderful evening! I'm a bit like you. Being up very high makes me a somewhat uncomfortable. I do think the views and photos were worth it.

Annette-California said...

My palms got sweaty looking at the hiiiiiigh building you went to the top of. That's an experience you and your sister will always remember. Again you are brave:) The outdoor theatre of Sound of Music, sounds incredible. Beautiful photos.
love Annette

Melissa said...

I'm glad you went up to the top. I love that photo you took of the boy and the window-washer - brilliant!

It's amazing to see those photos from on high so I can see how crowded the buildings are right up to the water!

Thanks for braving the heights!