Tuesday, August 27, 2013

End of August Gardening Thoughts

I wonder what they thought in San Francisco when they searched my suitcase and found a bird house...

...and five, yep five watering cans.
Do you have a better idea now why I dreaded packing up?
Long time readers of this blog know that I adore watering cans and have quite the collection.  Now the collection has grown by five.  Three of them are Haws Watering Cans.  Their website calls them the "finest watering cans used throughout the world since 1886".  I bought the copper and the cream one at the Tanton Park Flower Show.  They were a steal - £10 for the cream and £15 for the copper one.  They'd be $85 or more here.

I am still getting adjusted to having missed most of summer here in Oregon.
I came back to find out mudroom flowerbed was an explosion of color. The Black and Blue salvia dominates the bed.

I am also really pleased with my Black-eyed Susan (Thunbergia) vine.  

One little $1.79 plant has become a mass of color.

My sister's morning glories are at their peak too.
Each morning the hummingbirds flit about madly - hard at work among the blossoms. 

This is also the time of year that Cone Flowers (echinacea) come into their own.

I even have some Asters going about their business.  A true sign of the fast-approaching autumn. 

I like verbena bonariensis for two reasons.  It has a habit of self-seeding in unexpected places, and the goldfinches perch on it and eat its seeds.


Ann at Beadlework. said...

I'm still not quite used to seeing you post early in the day again. I would think that you will still be thinking about how you spent the summer months.

cucki said...

Sweet pictures.
Hugs x

Vickie said...

Do you know I still regret a few years later, NOT buying the floral poodle watering can I STILL want?!

Margaret said...

OMG, what great watering cans!!!!!! I love them! Your garden is so pretty too! I saw the prettiest garden the other day and I immediately thought of you. I feel like I appreciate gardens more now because of all the beautiful gardens you showed from the UK.

Pam in IL said...

Lovely watering cans and beautiful flowers. I be you're really enjoying all the beauty of your own backyard now that you're home.

Barb said...

Your garden looks beautiful. I think you had very good tenders while you were gone. I envy you those wonderful watering cans at that price!!

Annette-California said...

Your watering cans look fantastic in your yard and the bird house too:)
What beautiful colors you chose. Very pretty flowers. love Annette

hazel said...

Such a pretty garden Beth the cone flowers are a favourite if mine.

Love the watering cans, I am still using my grandmothers which she gave me over 60 years ago.

Enjoy your days at home.

Hazel c uk

Chris said...

The watering cans are fabulous.
So nice seeing pics of your beautiful garden.

Melissa said...

Those are great watering cans but I can't imagine how hard they were to pack! But you did it and now you can really enjoy them.

The flowers are looking great. They are so happy this year with all that sunshine!

Andrea said...

You bought watering cans and took them back home with you! With all those beautiful flowers you will certainly need them.

Melanie said...

Ha! Love that you packed 5 watering cans in your bag. That's great.

Maggee said...

Like, like, like!