Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wintry Stitching / Wintry Walk

It snowed on and off most of yesterday and I'm still feeling cozy.

I should be wearing a pair of these great socks.  Or knitting a pair (if I knew how to knit).  These socks are on display at my favorite Home and Garden Store - Down to Earth.

Down to Earth comes through with mittens too.  I've been cross stitching mittens this year as knitting is beyond me. Yesterday was a day for a pair of mittens like these.

I bundled up with earmuffs and gloves (no mittens - no wonderful socks)  and trundled out for a Wednesday Walk.

Most of the snow fell between 5am and 8am Wednesday morning.

Very pretty.

I do enjoy watching the snow fall.

We didn't get all that much as you can see with the grasses sticking up through it.

And it melted off the trees pretty quickly.

The additional precipitation had Dorothy's Creek churning right along.

I liked how this nest created a cone to hold the snow.

The Big Creek was brown with new water and silt.

Our February Gold daffodils didn't seem to mind the snow.
They are one of our earliest varieties.

The Osoberry has now budded out so far that the new leaves form a drooping, dangling fall.  

I found some deer tracks.

This poor clump of daffodils was almost buried in the snow which fell from our roof.

Don't the Snowdrops look right at home?

I hope you've enjoyed this week's Wintry Walk!  I'm going inside for a cup of Hot Chocolate.  I only drink it when it snows!


geeky Heather said...

Oh, we could totally get you knitting. ;) It might take a while to conquer those socks/mittens, though! Those are awesome. I love the pictures of the falling snow!! I like to see it here at least once a Winter, but I don't know if we'll get any this time. A late March storm is not unheard of here, though!

Anonymous said...

I know how to knit but straight! Socks and mittens are beyond my knowledge! how lovely the snow looks! It started raining just now. Let's hope it goes on for a couple of days, at least!

Deb said...

Your pictures of the falling snow are so beautiful!! Today, we are going to have a high temp of 83 degrees!! I would love to have seen some snow this year!! Love the daffodils peeking out from the snow! I think your pic of snowdrops looks better than my snowdrops in my backyard....the one flower I have had success with year after year!! :D

Anonymous said...


Just found your blog.

Your pictures are beautiful. Love the daffs and snowdrops peeking through the snow.

MoonBeam said...

Love the to run, but will be back later for a better look!


Nicola said...

I love the colours on the socks and mittens. This winter is a strange one. Wishing you a good weekend.

Barb said...

All those cute bunnies on your header put me in the mood for spring.My daffodils were just fine after the snow scare we had yesterday.

carol fun said...

The snow pictures are beautiful! We haven't had any measurable snow this year (last year we had about 25 inches). I'm not complaining, I know its a fluke year. Love the new header - such cute bunnies and chicks. Stay warm!

Mouse said...

ohhh just love those socks and mittens ... and I love walking in the snow too :)
lovely pictures of the wee daffs and snow drops and thanks for the hot chocolate i've come down with a cold with all that snow walking love mouse xxxxx

Maggee said...

Another header to drool over! Our temps hit 80 yesterday! Amazing! Unfortunately, I was home sick... going back to work today--HAVE to! Ugh! Love the pictures of the snow. Not that kind of year for here! Looks like spring is here now. Hugs!

Melanie said...

Awwww, we should do an exchange for a pair of knitted mittens or something! If you use a self-patterning yarn, they would knit up real quick. :)