Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Blooms and March Weather

The weather this week has had something for everyone!

Yet another snowfall Tuesday morning.

That was tough on the Hellebores and the Iris.

A couple of days later the Iris and Crocus have recovered.

So have the Daffs - though they are showing the effects of over 2" of rain (Wednesday through Thursday).

This is one of the groups I can see from my window as I type on my computer.

Daffs and a Hellebore.

Today is Junction City's annual "Daffodil Drive Festival".  The festival features a six-mile drive along Ferguson Road northwest of Junction City, where thousands of daffodils have begun to bloom. The road leads visitors to the Long Tom Grange, where hundreds of daffodils are for sale for $2 a bundle, and more than 30 vendors offer such wares as alpaca blankets and yarn, and various food and drink. The festival’s renowned cinnamon rolls, which are the size “of a small dinner plate,” were baked this year by Market of Choice.

Yumm that's where I'm headed!


MoonBeam said...

Oh, the drive and the "pot of gold" at the end sound wonderful. I hope your day is as beautiful as ours. Have fun.


Barb said...

That drive sounds like so much fun I just might hop in the car and head to Oregon! Maybe I better not , it just started SNOWING! Have a great week-end!

milly said...


Lovely flower photos.

That daffodil drive sounds great!

Nancy said...

Sounds like fun! Oh, now I want a cinnamon roll!

Beth Pearce said...

Mothger Nature sure is in a strange mood this year. We keep having much warmer than normal temps and then heavy thunderstorms. Our daffs are all in bloom,if it is drier tomorrow, I will try to take some pix.

chica said...

I am a new fallowers from Switzerland, and I love your nature's photos and your cross stitch works!

Nicola said...

Beautiful photos Beth. Cornwall's fields are covered with daffs that haven't been picked this year as the farmers can't make a profit on selling them.

Amazing to see but such a shame.