Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leaping Along

Happy Leap Day!
I hope you enjoy this 'extra' day.
Ours began around 5:00am with a Flash of Lightening, a Crack of Thunder, and...Snow!

This is a cruddy picture - does not do the stitch justice.
Tuesday night while watching N.C.I.S. I began stitching A Needle and Fred's "Three Hearts".  I love it.  I love the fabric - 28 count Lavender Sunset Jobelan.  I love the structure of the design.  I love the border pattern.  I think I'll crank out this baby quickly.  

For the second week in a row my 'Wednesday Walk' has been postponed due to weather.  Yesterday morning a storm rolled in - pummelling rain and lashing wind.  The cats I decided it was best spent as an Indoor Day.  Today may be yet another "Inside Day" as it is snowing. 

So I'll share a few recent Bird Photos.

This Junco was getting a drink from our Large Fountain.

This guy was my Monday Surprise!

A male Evening Grosbeak spent 30 minutes or so at the feeders.
I heard him 'churring' out in the forest on and off the remainder of the day. 

Grosbeaks are generally Spring / Summer visitors for us.  I haven't seen one since late November - click here for the post.

More Juncos - cuz' they're so easy to photograph!

A little Song Sparrow awaiting her turn at the feeder.

The Towhee was not about to cede to the Sparrow.

I know, another Junco - but isn't this one so cute and fluffy?
Don't you want to pet it?

Probably no one wants to pet my group of seven Turkey Vultures.  They too hung around for most of the day Monday.


Anonymous said...

Hearts and birds! I'm sure you have a cross stitch with both favourites, don't you? IS that NCIS Los Angeles? There is a portuguese girl there (Daniela Ruah), going very well!

Deb said...

Oh, now ya did it! I thought my favorite was the Stellar Jay. Love the Evening Grosbeak!! Can I have more than one favorite? Will I be in trouble when Spring comes?? :D

Mouse said...

happy leap day ... sorry you couldn't get out for your walk but a pretty start indeed :)
lovely photos as always :) love mouse xxxx

Ann at Beadlework. said...

You really have had a mix of weather lately. I love the little fluffy bird photo, you're right it makes you want to reach out and touch it.

pandy said...

I'm a fan of the Juncos! They are so cuttteeeeeeee. :) We sometimes get the grosbeaks, but only on one side of the house. I had been feeding birds out my window and got them (and a lot of chickadees) but had to stop when I also started getting rats lol. I miss seeing them!

Natasha said...

Great start on your WIP.. I truly love seeing your bird posts. I would absolutley LOVE to see that many birds in my yard every day :)

Have a wonderful wednesday!!

Carol said...

Yes, I want to pet the Junco--he is such a sweet looking bird. How close do the birds let you get to them, Beth? Are there some that are less intimidated by humans than others?

Nancy said...

Sorry you couldn't get out for your walk but do love the pictures! Looking at your one of the turkey vultures reminds me that a few weeks ago we had nineteen vultures sitting in two trees in our horse pasture...was a slightly creepy sight and of course I didn't think to snap a picture!

Maggee said...

Love seeing the birds, even if you didn't get a walk in today! Your start looks very nice. I just cannot see to stitch on Jobelan. I have a piece of royal blue that is languishing... can't see it! Sigh!

Barb said...

That Grosbeak is just amazing! What a pretty bird. I have not seen one here this year. Our weather up here has been nasty too! My poor daffodils had snow on them this morning!