Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Wrap-Up

Design - "A-Wassailing" - limited edition kit
Designer - Shakespeare's Peddler
Fabric - 40 count Meadow Rue Lakeside linen
Fibers - GAST - limited edition colors - 1 strand over 2 threads
Started - 23 December 2011
Completed - 29 December 2011 

I really enjoyed stitching this piece.  A neat design and interesting use of colors and motifs.

And now for my Christmas Wrap-up...

I didn't cook Christmas dinner, but I did provide dessert.
Chocolate covered marshmallows, chocolate chip cookies, blackberry crumb cake, white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, and mint chip brownies.  Yes, there was a theme, and the theme was chocolate, and it was good!     

On December 24th, we had a truly lovely sunset.

I thought Nature had given us a special holiday gift. 

Then on Christmas Day morning, I stepped outside to bare witness to this magnificent sunrise.   

The colors were so vivid.

And the entire sky was saturated with color.

Another wonderful gift...

...for those who took the time to look and enjoy!


Vonna said...

A lovely finish! And great Christmas memories :) Thanks for sharing with us!

Nancy said...

What a pretty finish! God gives us the best gifts in nature!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

What a beautiful sky to greet you on Christmas day.

Mouse said...

ohhh well done on the finish ... love that chart :) and magnificent yummies and the sun rises and sun sets well ... lets just say I look for them all the time :) love mouse xxxx

Rowyn said...

A beautiful finish, and wow what a stunning sunrise! I love how the trees are silhouetted against the vivid colours.

Maggee said...

Wow--speedy! Lovely finish! I noticed that we had a lovely sunset yesterday! Took a while to come East! Ha! Have a safe but Happy New Year! Hugs!

CalamityJr said...

Beautiful sky and beautiful stitching!

Carol said...

Such a pretty finish and wow--that sunset is spectacular. (Your desserts look pretty spectacular as well!!)

Mindi said...

Great finish! I love the design, and the colors worked really well.

The pictures of the sunset and sunrise are really stunning.

Sarah Beth said...

Love your sunsets and the snowmen. I want to know how you do those collages. Would you walk me through it. Email me your number if you are willing and I will call you.