Friday, December 16, 2011

Cat Ornaments, Cats, and Other Critters

I don't seem to accomplish much on gray days, other than a nap or two.
Here's what the PS Cat looks like now.

And speaking of cats...

I promised to show some Cat / Critter pictures.
Here Parvati appears ready to take on a doe, when in fact this is her last courageous stand before scurrying to the safety of the Back Patio.  The deer seem to find our outdoor cats endless fascinating, and given the opportunity, would sniff nose-to-nose if allowed to do so.  Scaredy Cats! 

On Tuesday afternoon I spied these two napping in the Winter sunshine.

While they were alert, I was far enough away they were not bothered enough to get up...

...which made me glad as I did not want to disturb them.

Also on Tuesday Tom-Cat reported a rodent infestation!

This stupid brave little chipmunk decided to store some of his sunflowers in the wood stacked on the Back Patio.

He stupidly courageously 'squeaked' out his presence, and I had to deter bribe the two Outdoor Cats with 'Seconds for Breakfast' (inside!).


Beth said...

PS Cat is looking good, and a really love your photos as usual!

Siobhan said...

Your PS cat is coming along nicely! Eek on the infestation--but at least it's outside and not in! ;)

Mouse said...

oooo you can see him even more now .... love the deer shots .. they look like its a spring day not a winters one .... and oooooo a cute chipmunk ... bless him having to compete with the cats , love mouse xxxx

Mindi said...

Oh Tom Cat is so funny! Love how the PS cat is looking. I seem to be consistently about 2 days behind on Google reader with posts.