Wednesday, November 30, 2011

You Talked Me Into It

I had several comments suggesting that I stitch both of the "Maggie Bean: Harvest" pieces.  Don't ever say that I can't take a hint!  It's a work in progress at this point.
It's fast approaching December.  Our weather, while foggy and gray, has been mild and rain-free.  Let's go take a walk.

I like the structure of the dried Queen Anne's Lace seed head.

We are getting into the Christmas spirit with Douglas Fir cones artistically draped with white sap.  Nature as a Decorator!

There are new buds on a Hazelnut shrub - it seems a bit premature to me.

If moss and lichens were Christmas mandated decorations like holly, ivy, and mistletoe, I'd be set.

This tree had at least three kinds of lichens growing on its bark.

In this quiet time of year, nature makes small intimate collages.

Blackberry vines - I like the mix of green and yellow leaves.

This colony of mushrooms found a home on the side of a moss-covered, decaying stump. 
I hope you've enjoyed today's walk.


Mary said...

Beth, I always enjoy 'our" walks......and checking in on the wildlife too.

Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore said...

I certainly did enjoy today's walk. I love the photo of the mushrooms. The mix of textures with the lichens and bark are a great inspiration for some embroidery. Nicola x