Monday, November 7, 2011

Count Your Mistakes I Mean Blessings

I had a post all figured out and ready for today (Monday).  And it wasn't this.  But "upon further review" as they say in College Football, I noticed that I'd managed to stitch a Headless Bee (over one of course).  Yes, you can still hear the echoes of the Primal Scream I let loose. 

So if I regain my stitching composure I'll tackle the last bee - I dread the frogging more than anything else.  In the mean time I have kitted up Heart in Hands, "Blessings" as a gentle seasonal reminder of what is important.

Today I thought I'd share some photos from The Bellagio in Las Vegas.  The hotel has an amazing Conservatory and Botanical Gardens with rotating exhibits.

140 horticulturists work to maintain the gardens.

These photos were taken in September - thus an Autumnal display. 

Charming in an "over the top" Las Vegas way! 

This is a floral replica of Vik Muniz's  "Montagne Saint-Victoire, seen from Montbriand". You can see the original painting here

Lots of harvest themed displays...

 including a Cornucopia!

The topiary horses were cute cute cute. 


Ann at Beadlework. said...

Very over the top, but great to see just the same.

Nancy said...

Just love the horses!

Mouse said...

whoops ... passing large glass of something to soothe those nerves !!! love the tree he looks a happy chap :) love mouse xxxx

MoonBeam said...

This isn't about your post today...I just noticed that you now have a November header. Lovely, as always. My fave is the bowl of fruit with the alphabet, but a couple of those pumpkins are pretty special, too. Nice work, as always.


Penny said...

I wondered what that noise was. :)
Maybe over the top but spectacular too. Really like the horses.

geeky Heather said...

"Cute cute cute" is exactly what I thought when I saw the horses! Very cool pictures; thanks for sharing!

Sorry for the bee disaster! Over-one mistakes are the worst. Hope it works out OK!

Astrid's dragon said...

I love your November pieces up top, they look great together!

Isn't Las Vegas fun? What cute pictures.

Melanie said...

I love the horses too. :)

Casa Pearl said...

I love their gardens. Last time I was there it was Chinese New Year and the displays were fabulous. Thanks for sharing this one.

Siobhan said...

Wow, what imagination!!

Sorry to hear about the frogging, but at least now I know what that sound was that I heard echoing across the ocean. ;) Yeah, frogging over one--lawsie mercy. You have my sympathy.