Thursday, November 3, 2011

More of the Same

I decided since "Pumpkin Hill" by Heart in Hand is not overtly Halloweenish, it would make a good November harvest-type stitch.

I thought I might see fewer bunnies with the coming of colder weather.
Bunny #1. 

Some mornings I toss out stale bread bits for the Jays, but the deer arrive first and eat all the bread.  Are deer my new "Early Birds"?

And no one has told Chip the Munk it's getting to by Hibernating Time!

I mentioned bunnies...and here are Bunny #2 and Bunny #3. 

...and their good friends the doves and quail!

We had a rather dramatic evening sky a couple of days ago.

I liked how the setting sun lit up the cloud on the left, while the cloud on the right remained blackly ominous.


Terri said...

Love the pictures!

LoriU said...

My dad has a lot of chipmunks by him and they are out all winter long!

carol fun said...

Cute little graph! Love the pictures - I need to take one of the squirrels attacking my new "squirrel proof" bird feeder -- it has a design flaw.