Saturday, November 26, 2011

Beginning to Think About Christmas...and Decorate

If the weather allows, on Thanksgiving weekend we put up a faux garland and string Christmas lights on our gate.

In the darkness that is December, it is cheery to have the white lights shining.

We have a faux wreath too, the better to withstand the elements.

We usually get comments from joggers and bicyclists as we decorate.
One year as we prepared to open a large cardboard box with the garland, the box began to move and shake!  As my sister and I watched, out popped a chipmunk making us both shriek.  

Our house is hidden from the road, so the lighted gate is the Christmas Spirit we share with our neighbors.


CalamityJr said...

What a lovely welcome (the decorated gate and fence, not the visitor in the box)!

butterfly said...

Wow i would love to be a visitor ,what a wonderful welcome.

Christie said...

Your decorated gate is so pretty and welcoming. ~~ Christie

Penny said...

Your gate sounds lovely! Chipmunks are cute little things, but I'm sure it was a little startling to discover him in your box. :)

Beth said...

Your gate is lovely. Both you and your sister must have healthy hearts!! I am not sure mine would have made it through the visitor!

Rowyn said...

Love your decorated gate - a reminder that Christmas is getting very close!

The story about the chipmunk really gave me a giggle!

Melanie said...

Very pretty!!!! :)