Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September Wednesday Walk

I'm plugging along on Chessie's "Quaker Bee Sampler" - still working on the border.  Though I couldn't resist stitching a few letters just to add some interest.

Boy oh boy has September ever been unseasonably HOT around here! 9/3 was 93F, 9/4 92F, 9/5 89F, 9/6 92F...Today is to be 93F, followed by 91F, 91F, 95F, and 89F on 9/11.  I know that the east coast is suffering from too much rain...and that Europe has moved straight into Fall weather.  But around here, Summer is letting out one last HURRAH!  Because of that today's Wednesday Walk is going to be a short one...Heat and I are not good friends! 

The forest canopy is starting to change colors - the Cottonwoods and the Ash turn first.

The Madrone (center of pic) is still green and shiny...

This was my most interesting "find" on the walk.  These green berries/seeds belong to the Western Trumpet Honeysuckle which bloomed a bright orange earlier this summer. 

This Honeysuckle is wrapped up all around a young Douglas Fir tree right at the edge of our road - and no, I'd not ever noticed it before.

This is what caught my eye!  The Honeysuckle wrapped up around and above the "leader" of the young tree.

We are in the midst of a Blackberry Explosion!  My sister has picked well over 10 pounds and there is no end in sight.  She competes with the jays, and the deer, and lots of other critters, but it appears there is more than enough for everyone.

This too is a new discovery for me!  An apple tree on our property.  My sister professes to have seen it in past years, but no one else in the family has.  The poor thing is growing right next to a fir and a dogwood and battling something fierce to find some sunlight.  It did nonetheless, have a nice crop of fruit - that's what caught my eye.

So pretty!  I'm sure the deer will polish them off as they drop from the tree. 
Hope you enjoyed our September Walk.

As I mentioned it's going to be hot - Tom-Cat's advise?  Take it easy!


Ann at Beadlework. said...

I feel that I could just reach out and stroke Tom Cat, he looks so cuddly. I like the photo of the honeysuckle wrapped round the Fir Tree.

Anonymous said...

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RuthB said...

Heck, I'm with Tom even if I'm in air conditioning. :)

Thanks for the walk :)

Beauty Bonnet said...

how nice to have all this beauty almost right outside your doorstep! just looking at it feels like balm for a harried soul.. Tom-Cat looks like he's enjoying the day. Thanks for sharing! - Tracy