Sunday, September 11, 2011

For the Birds

Saturday reached 94F. It was the first day than hot well into the evening - 90F at 6:30pm and 80F at 8:00pm.  Just plain hot.

Parvati and I decided to enjoy the cool of the morning... did these Goldfinches.

In fact it already was standing room only at the Ali-Baba fountain. 

With time though, everyone got a drink.

The quail also avoid the heat of the day.

Smart birds!~

Tom-Cat and Padma know how best to spend the hottest part of the day - with a afternoon Siesta!

Today I'm off (again in the cool of the morning) to take in the Coburg Antique Fair.  There are over 300 vendors spread out over most of the town of Coburg.  Food and music too.  Should be a fun morning! 


Siobhan said...

Looks like everybody is trying to keep cool! Enjoy the antique fair.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I wish we had some of your heat, it's been miserable here this weekend. Cats truly know how to relax - they look so "chilled".