Thursday, September 15, 2011

Berries and Birds

Though I've not had much time to stitch the last couple of days, I have made a small start on "Sweet Berries".  And speaking of berries...Wednesday evening after work my sister picked almost 5 lbs of blackberries.  They were huge, hybrid-sized berries.  I think she has picked enough to open her own roadside stand! 

On the nature front, the Downy Woodpeckers continue to work the mullein.  I hate to think how many thousands of pepper-sized seeds they scatter as they flit and eat...being weedy every seed will germinate...

Some of our pollinators are still hard at work...

This bumblebee was especially taken with my zinnias.

As for the hummingbirds, the top two favorites remain salvias... 

...and agastaches.

We have so many Goldfinches now.

I would bet there are between 50-70 at the two feeders in the morning.

I was pleased to see a Great Blue Heron flying overhead.  I usually see one in the area ponds during the summer months.  They are pretty easy to spot in the air with their huge wings, and long legs dangling behind. 

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Ann at Beadlework. said...

Lovely mix of photos today, I enjoyed them.