Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Quiet Day

A Quiet Day.
That's what I'm hoping for anyway.  Saturday was a whirlwind of chores and a University of Oregon Football Game.  Today, I'd like to read and stitch...and nap! 

We've had lots of birds the last few days.  I think our Goldfinch flock just grows and grows.

My exciting California Quail news: the "babies" are big enough now I've figured out how to tell the males from the females.  This picture is of Daddy Quail - note the gray on his upper breast. 

This is a young female - her breast is a brown/gray.

Here's Daddy Quail with two young sons - both have gray breasts. 

This group of four is composed of two gals (on the left) - and two guys - one on the left, one of the right - easy!  It'll be easier still when their topknots grow some more...

This amused me no end - a sunny Fall day and the Turkey Vultures had their wings spread wide - getting all the rays they could - basking really.

The Scrub Jays look the same male or female...rather pretty, if noisy, birds. 


MoonBeam said...

As always, interesting to see the birds from a different part of the country. Your gold finches must change to their winter coloring before ours here in Ohio. Can't imagine quails; those are very interesting to me.


Nancy said...

Loved the bird pics! Those quail are so pretty!