Friday, July 1, 2011

A Six Month Recap Reflection

January - Finished
February - In Process
March - Finished
April - In Process
May - Not Started
June - Not Started
July - Not Started
That is the harsh if honest recap of my 2011 Stitching Goals Effort.  I'm mostly stymied with "Over One"...turning out to be not my cup of tea.  Rather than throw up my hands and give up entirely, I will continue on...if only to see what the next six months bring!

Earlier this week I managed to creep up on three Western Pond Turtles (Actinemys marmorata) basking on a log.

Western Pond Turtles are an endangered species in Oregon.  The turtles inhabit a variety of aquatic habitats including; ponds, rivers, reservoirs, streams, seasonal wetlands, and flooded gravel pits.  This pond is a flooded gravel pit from a small abandoned quarry.
Not fully aquatic; the turtles may spend part of the year in upland forests.  They prefer to live in areas with large rocks and boulders, and use them to bask in the sun.  This is an important behavior and is crucial for thermal regulation, digestion and other life requirements.  The turtles eat mainly insects, larvae of caddis flies, dragonflies and nymphs.  
They live up to 40 years in the wild, breeding from mid-May to late July with a clutch size of from 1-13 eggs.  The females nest around 50 meters away from the water in short grassy or weedy areas of hard, compacted, clay soil on south or southwest-facing slopes.

Here's a unique photograph!
Two Hummers sitting (almost) side-by-side and not fighting!


Ann at Beadlework. said...

I love your new header - in particular the patriotic sheep. Your mention of turtles is the third I've read this week - all in America. I read an article on the news about turtles closing down a runway whilst they crossed over.

CalamityJr said...

Don't be hard on yourself - think of all the lovely smalls you've completed and shared with us!

Nancy said...

Lovely new header! Love the pictures! Maybe you caught those hummers taking a break between fights! lol!!

RuthB said...

I gotta say the hummer furthest away looks like he's ramping up to the first punch of the night. lol Thanks for sharing them and the turtles. And have youreself a lovely weekend.

Mouse said...

you have done a lot of stitching so don't be sooo hard on your self :) love the turtles and may be the hummers were having a chat love mouse xxxx

carol fun said...

Your new header is wonderful! Don't be too hard on yourself. That "over 1" is challenging and sloooooow. You've finished some beautiful pieces this year and every stitch is one more than you had before. take care -

Gabi said...

Lovely new header.
If I was you I wouldn't care about these deadlines and the such. If something isn't your cup of tea, just leave it as it is? Life is too short to fill a beloved hobby with something that isn't enjoyable. I gave up on rotations, deadlines and goals long time ago. Stresses me only out.
Besides all things I saw you finishing are very very lovely. :)

Anonymous said...

I love that header. I found this site by accident but I'll be back, it's wonderful :)

Can you tell me who is the designer for the red white and blue sheep? I love it...



Beth said...

Red White & Blue Sheep - The Cross Eyed Cricket - Chart "And So the
4th" - title "A Flock United"