Monday, July 25, 2011

Cross Stitch - The Next Generation!

I've been stitching along on "Soft as a Bunny".  He now sports a nice set of ears!

But more importantly...

I purchased two "Starter" cross stitch kits for a young relative.

This weekend Mikaila spent some time with me.  I gave her the two kits and she excitedly latched on to the gray kitty.  She's a "lefty" as am I, so with very little prompting and guidance on my part, she was off to the races. 
I told her there were Four Rules of Cross Stitch:
#1. Wash Your Hands Before Stitching
#2. Count and Count Again
#3. Be Organized
#4. Have Fun! 

Mikaila understood the basic "counting" concept, and we used an orange high-lighter to keep track of her progress.  She had good tension with her threads, and even was able to "skip" stitches (for eyes and nose) without errors.
I think I may have made a Lifetime Cross Stitcher out of her!
She's also a fabulous Junior Gardener - more on that later.


Beth said...

Whooooo Hoooo! Great to have another upcoming stitcher!

Nancy said...

Awe, she is so cute! Glad you are teaching her this fabulous hobby!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

It's great to pass on skills to the young. I've taught groups of children to knit and to cross stitch and it's very rewarding. Some children can reach adulthood without holding a needle which is shocking.

Kathy said...

It always feels good to get another stitcher started. :) I have tried with a number of my nieces but so far it hasn't stuck. Sigh.

carol fun said...

Oh how good it feels to share stitching - I think you've planted the seed that is going to grow here. She is an adorable child -