Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Bite - I Bit

Bite of Eugene

So here's a cool idea...
20 restaurants and food carts get together in one location...Alton Baker Park.  The food booths offer at least one bite sized sample of their locally created provisions for $1, $2, and $5 so that event attendees can gorge inhale sample the gastronomic variety Eugene, OR has to offer.

If that weren't enough (and it wasn't), 12 patisseries, confectioners and dessert vendors also set up shop with the same premise.

Pulled Pork Sliders from Davis'

Shrimp and Rice from Boulevard Grill 

Salmon Stuffed Pastry from Ratatouille

Hush Puppy & Catfish from Belly

Flat Iron Steak and Caramelized sweet Walla Walla Onions from Bate's Steak House

It was a great way to spend a warm, sunny evening! 

Chocolate Bite from Caramel's

An enormous Elephant Ear!

And with donations at the Gate, it was also a fund-raiser for WILLAMETTE FARM & FOOD COALITION and organization working to develop and secure a sustainable food system in Lane County, Oregon. Their projects and services facilitate greater understanding of the social, economic, and environmental impacts of our food choices, and promote the purchase of locally grown and produced foods to keep our farms and food businesses viable and to strengthen the local economy. Their members represent a diversity of stakeholders in the local food system including: farmers, food processors, distributors, farmers’ markets, retailers, restaurateurs, institutional food buyers, consumers, anti-hunger advocates, children’s health advocates, faith communities, agricultural scientists, and sustainability educators. Visit for more information.

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Nancy said...

What an enjoyable evening you must have had! The food looks so good, each one better than the next!