Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Wildflower Walk

It's beginning to look alot (okay, a little) like a chicken!

"Cluck Cluck", says the hen.  I've discovered that one of the two hearts on the upper right corner should be orange, not yellow, so I have some frogging ahead of me.  Mistakes like that keep me very humble!     

Tuesday was an exceptionally lovely day.  Here are some photos from my early evening walk. 

I've been waiting and waiting, finally the Larkspur are blooming.  We have maybe a dozen small Larkspur plants - Menzies' Larkspur (Coastal Larkspur) - Delphinium menziesii.  As a teaser, I should say that we've found an amazing patch of Larkspur about a mile away - I'll post photos of the azure marvel later in the week.

Yes, I know, Blackberries - technically not a wildflower - technically it is an "invasive"!  We have about three different kinds on the property.  This is the Trailing Blackberry - (Pacific Blackberry) - Rubus ursinus.  It is evergreen and low growing - cavorting and twisting along the ground.  

Another wildflower, I've been impatiently waiting for!  Cat's Ears - Calochortus elegans. I think this is the sweetest of wildflowers and so well named!  It grows on an innocuous blade of grass-like stem, and is easily overlooked until it comes into bloom.   

I like Cat's Ears so much, I am posting two photos!

When ever I see American Vetch - Vicia americana I am reminded of my pony, Shadow.  She loved to munch on Vetch.  This pea-like plant twists and climbs on grasses and other small plants and trees. 

Sorry, I could not resist - the Blue Iris - Iris tenax  are still in bloom after all!

In the ditches along our driveway, I found some Swamp Buttercups - Ranunculus orthorhynchus.  

The bloom of the Cow Parsnip - Heracleum maximum is quite pretty.  In the late summer my brother and I used to cut down the tall hollow stems of the Cow Parsnip.  They made pretty good, strong swords and we would whack away at the forest and each other.  My Mom could usually tell what we'd been up to, as Cow Parsnip has a very strong odor that permeated us and our clothing. 

Last, but not least, dotted in the meadows are the Mallows. Common Mallow is also called Cheeseweed or Buttonweed - Malva neglecta.  It is a quiet pink plant about 8"-12" - it was introduced from Europe and has spread from coast to coast.
I hope you are able to get outside (it's pouring rain here) and enjoy the day! 


Nancy said...

You are moving right along on your stitching! Sorry about having to frog. :(

Love the Cats Ears! Never heard of this plant before!

Crystal said...

Thank you for the nature walk, love looking at your pics. Cluck cluck is looking great, sorry about the frog visiting.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

The larkspur are lovely shade. I would be leaving the hearts the way they are - they don't look wrong at all.

Siobhan said...

Nice progress on your stitching!

The flowers are gorgeous. Lovely photos, as always. :)

carol fun said...

Love the pictures of the wildflowers - so pretty! And the cross stitch is looking good too.