Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cyclamen and Ferns

It's done!  "Bouquet for March" was a delight from start to finish.
I did change the DMC color for the violets, and am pleased with my choice.  I also discovered an error in the chart - one of the cyclamen stems is not charted, but is clearly shown on the chart photo, so I added it in.

I even found a cyclamen (plant) that matched the colors of the stitched piece.  I decided that I'd use this piece to honor my maternal Grandfather.  It's a wonderful match as he had a March birthday and a special affection for cyclamen.  I added his initials on the left - "JWW" and the years of his birth and death - 1912-2009.  Then I stitched my initials and the year the piece was finished on the bottom right.

Design - "March Bouquet"
Designer - Cedar Hills
Fabric - 28 count R & R Irish Creme linen
Fibers - DMC
Started - 17 March 2011
Completed - 4 May 2011

When I stitch (and finish) Cedar Hill's "Bouquet for June" (it's on my 2011 Stitching List), I then intend to get both March and June framed. 

We've had a couple of lovely days, so I've spent some time outside. 
On Monday I potted six new ferns and tidied up the three that I'd managed to over-winter successfully.

Wednesday morning this young fellow was outside to greet me!  Three young bucks wandered past the front of the house - a visual reminder of why I must apply - repeatedly - deer repellent spray on the Back Patio plants!  


carol fun said...

Oh this is such a lovely piece! I worked on my current Cedar Hill sampler last night and the end is in sight. Stay vigilant against the deer - I know how they will eat just about anything in a garden.

Mouse said...

oo it looks lovely and even better with you additions of the dates etc :) oh hope plants survive .. nowt worse than a hungry deer love mouse xxx

Melanie said...

Lovely lovely piece!! :)

CalamityJr said...

I love your stitching on that beautiful piece!

Crystal said...

That turned out beautiful