Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Variegated Green - Plants and a Sampler

Tokyo Wood Fern and Pansy

Yesterday was "A Study in Green".  I went to Down to Earth and found these two cute small chicken terracotta pots.  I'll probably put small sedums of some sort in them.  

In the evening my mother, sister and I attended the monthly meeting of The Avid Gardeners.  Sean Hogan of Cistus Nursery was the speaker.  His topic was "Western Natives and Mediterranean Plants" - using plants best suited for the southern Willamette Valley - lots of new ideas...and plants.  The meeting ended with a raffle and I won the Tokyo Wood fern pictured above and the cool herb pack from Log House Plants pictured below. Log House Plants is a wholesale nursery specializing in unusual annuals and perennials.  The last couple of years they've also developed some real cool Grab and Go instant herb and vegetable gardens. They sell to garden centers in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho - so look for them!  Their website has lots of useful gardening information including a monthly Garden News Magazine.  

Italian Herb Pack from Log House Plants

The herbs in my instant Italian Garden include basil, variegated marjoram, oregano, Italian parsley, rosemary, mint, fennel, thyme, and sage. 
They smell so good!

And on to stitching, it too is variegated...When it comes to "The Next Project", I have A.D.D. - my eye always alights on the next shiny new thing!  In this case, continuing on my "Bird Kick" I've decided to stitch "Variegated Green Sampler" by Earth Threads.  The simplicity of this appeals to me - it uses just Wildflowers in "Bouquet" for the entire piece.

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