Friday, April 2, 2010

From the Cross Stitch Archives - Easter

Design - "Which Came First?" - freebie
Designer - The Cricket Collection
Fabric - Antique lavender linen
Started - 16 March 2009
Completed - 22 March 2009

I thought that since we were approaching Easter, I would post some of my "Easterish" designs the next few days.  This design was a older freebie from the Cricket Collection.  I decided to stitch it three times - in a row - to make three "egg chicks".  Generally I have no confidence in my choices of linen or fibers, but this time I actually went out on a limb.  I chose the linen and the spring-time DMC colors to stitch.  To tie it together I used the three primary colors in each of the three eggs chicks as accents colors in a 2nd egg.  Thus the chick on the left is green with lavender accents, the middle chick is blue with green accents, and the far right chick is lavender with blue accents.  

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