Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Amazing Kathy Barrick

I am not a huge fan of pink daffs, but these - named "Passionale"- these are wonderful and over the last couple of three years are naturalizing very nicely  - in a wet, shady spot. They are described as "a Large Cupped Daffodil. One bloom per stem with white petals framing large, soft apricot-pink cups".


This is a rather grey, cool April day - and the energy level at Clos du Bois is "LOW"!  Back row: Padma and Parvati.  Front row: Solomon - no he is not particularly wise. 

I supposed by now everyone has heard that Kathy Barrick is retiring and will not be designing any longer.  For me it is a triple blow as she designed under the names The Goode HuswifeCarriage House Samplings, and Barrick Samplers. Yes not one, not two, but three of my favorite design names are to be no more.  

I did find that she is selling some Goode Huswife OOP charts and she also has an Etsy site for Carriage House Samplings charts.

Updated 04/15/2010 - Kathy is no longer selling charts from her Goode Huswife site.  She indicated that she would use her Goode Huswife Blog to update people when she is ready to sell once again. 

Other charts are available through Hoffman Distribution and your LNS.  I treated myself, because, when they are gone - they are gone!

Back row: Flowers of Lebanon, 1831 Pincushion, Eliza Sloan 1836, Three Crows, The Tree of Life
Front row: The Peacock Sampler, Carolina, Pennsylvania Beehive, Hooked Rabbit Pincushion, Pumpkins & Peacocks 

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