Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nature and Stitching

This morning was a perfect start to a Spring day.  The weather was glorious, the air clear and filled with the sound of the birds - Evening Grosbeaks, California Quail, and Mourning Doves.  As I filled up the bird feeders I was watched by the little fellow at the edge of the lavender.

I think he must be Brier Rabbit, as he sought shelter and safety in the Brier Patch! 

Within ten minutes or so, the feeders were teaming with Band-Tailed Pigeons - we have a flock of a couple of dozen - they are voracious - we have to fill the feeders daily to keep up with their appetites.

On the stitching front, "Dragonfly" is progressing nicely - I might even finish it up today. 

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