Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cross Stitch Fumble...Yet Another Start

Well I messed up big-time with my choice of linen for the "Variegated Green Sampler".  I began stitching last night, and after "A, B, & C" it was apparent that the color of the linen and the color of the Watercolors Bouquet fiber was not going to work.  My linen color was too close - not nearly enough contrast to the fiber and the letters literally disappeared into the fabric - ARRGG!!

I heaved a huge sigh, muttered under my breath, stopped stitching, and ordered the Teal fabric that was recommended.  So "Variegated Green Sampler" is now on hiatus...and

I've kitted up another Little House Needleworks buggy piece - Ladybug! As I am using the recommended fabric and fibers this should be a no-brainer!

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