Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Still Smoky

I pawed through my WIPs and unearthed this Alma Lynne Noah's Ark that I last worked on back in 2015.  Black fabric is always a challenge, but I think I'm up for it. I'm going to add it to my rotation and see what happens.

Had a Cooper's Hawk come by.

And the Birds of the Apocalypse showed up too.
Still extremely smoky as you can see.

"Grawk! Grawk!"

A pair of Ravens.

And a pair of Turkey Vultures.

The wildfire smoke is keeping out the sun and the temps are unseasonably low.

I think it was too cold for them to fly / soar.


Robin in Virginia said...

I hope they get the fires under control and the smokiness begins to clear up. Thinking of you, Beth.

Laura said...

Wow - haven't seen a turkey vulture since we moved to WA from CA! I hope the smoke starts to clear your way - stay safe!

Angie said...

Beth, how is your area? The nightly news we watch shows most horryfying images. Continued prayers for all.
I love the Turkey Vultures sitting on your fence. The common raven is not so common in our area but we do see crows in the farmer's field, or sometimes just sitting under the bird feeder in the backyard.
I have never attempted to stitch on black fabric but it sure is worth the effort. Looks very pretty!

LDR said...

Thinking of you, Beth. What interesting birds to show up at a time like this.

Barb said...

Good luck with the black fabric, I am too cowardly to try it. Your air looks much like ours. Being told to stay in the house with all the doors and windows closed is getting old!