Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Wednesday Work Day

The weather is getting colder, the nights longer. 
It's time to clean up my gardening efforts including getting the tender perennials in the green house.  Kudos to my Mom who helped me for three and half hours this morning.  We got the back patio 95% 'winterize'.  With all my efforts directed at garden clean up, I do not have many nature photos to share today.

The great thing was the wonderful weather - November 7th and Mom and I worked without coats or sweaters!  Parvati supervised which is what she does best.

With lots of humidity the mornings begin with lots of dew.  

I liked how the morning sun played on the drops of dew.

The cottonwoods are still bright yellow.

As we worked, we had lots of bird company including a Chestnut-backed Chickadee.

Lots of Juncos too.

The sweetgums provide a pop of color.

Hawthorn berries - I'm disappointed that the Cedar Waxwings have not mobbed this bush.  

Most of the big leaf maples are leaf-free.

Winter plants will be mostly brown and at rest.

The other morning I went down to the Big Woodpile and several logs had been tossed to the ground.  Raccoons possibly, but the logs were large and heavy so I'm thinking its the work of a bear.  I scatter sunflowers on the top ledge of the woodpile each morning for the sparrows and chipmunks.  I expect the bear could smell the seeds the chipmunks have stashed and had a look-see.   

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Barb said...

We are in Fall clean-up mode too! It does look like you had a pretty day!