Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Hot August Day

So we have heat (90+ temps) and we have wildfire smoke drifting in.
That seems to be the 'new' August here in the southern Willamette Valley and it makes for an uncomfortable walk.

I managed some photos a bit earlier in the week - a virtual is in our best interests.  Off we go! 

An oak gall on the ground means... 

...there are many more oak calls attached to leaves of the tree.

We have ripe blackberries - my dad is a happy man!

The Spirea is past its prime.

Poison Oak already showing fall color.

Ocean Spray

Cow's Parsnip has set seed.

Rose hips

Bull Thistle

The Osier Dogwood is setting berries.

We're being watched!  
A young Black-headed Grosbeak is taking in everything.
I'll spend the morning watching birds and potting up a few plants, but most of the day will be spent inside - such a shame that heat and fires make it unhealthy to be outside.


Robin in Virginia said...

I enjoy your nature walk pictures, Beth. It took me a second or two to see the bird in the last picture.

Mary said...

I would be happy with all those delicious blackberries too!! I certainly hope your weather pattern changes soon.

Greg Prosmushkin said...
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RJ said...

Yes it way too hot and muggy here for walks (maybe at the beach if there is a breeze). But such lovely walks are on your grounds. How big is your property? I'm with your Dad as I love blackberries too. My friend in Mt. Shasta makes the best jam that he puts on his famous homemade waffles. They are so good! RJ