Tuesday, August 21, 2018

177 & 9 cents

I'm over half way done with "Liberty"!  My black blobs have turned into 9 pennies.
I need to mess with the scrolls so that I can continue working on this - I need wider bars.  

I've had some interesting birds come by.

One more sighting of my female Bullock's Oriole.  I heard the bird on Sunday, but no photos.

See the orange feeder to the left?  That's my oriole nectar feeder.  See the Douglas fir tree on the right?  That's where she was perched, but she did not visit the feeder.

I did have a nice close-in visit from a flycatcher.

But as the bird never spoke I'm not sure who it is.

It did pose nicely for me.

This is a great shot I think.

The breast looks quite yellow so it might be a Pacific Slope Flycatcher.
But it is not - experts weighed in to say it is a Western Wood-Pewee.


Robin in Virginia said...

Good progress on the Liberty piece, Beth!

RJ said...

Way to go Beth!!! The Liberty stitch look so good. RJ

Barb said...

What a delightful little bird! I love Liberty. The colors are to my liking. I only go out to water and deadhead. Our air is hazardous. I hate it. I feel more stuck in the house than I do in the winter!!!!Our air is worse that the air in Beijing China. That is according to the local news station.