Monday, September 25, 2017

Monday's Musings

Well it's a Christmas ornament really, but the 9th day is a woodpecker drumming on a drum and it amuses me no end...and it's a I got stitching away!

While the number of summer birds / migrants has decreased dramatically, every once in a while one still show up for a last hurrah! 

Black-throated Gray Warbler

Warbler of some sort atop the sunflower - maybe an Orange-crowned Warbler. 

A Willow Flycatcher lived up to his name sallying off his perch to snag a bite and then return to survey his prospects.

He was fun to watch go about his business.

It's thanks to Parvati wanting to go on a walk-about that I saw this bird.

Saturday morning I heard and then found this female Evening Grosbeak.

She called out the clear, bell-like note that is this bird's signature.

I am now seeing the return of some of my winter birds including a Fox Sparrow and this White-crowned Sparrow.  
The seasons, they are 'achanging!   


Vickie said...

Haha! Yes, I quite like the ornament also Beth. Very cute!

Mary said...

Beth, I get a black x for most of the photos, hopefully it's just my computer and not your post.
I never saw that woodpecker pattern before, you got a twofer on that pattern! The cow with cardinal is adorable too!

Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

A woodpecker drumming is a fun idea for an ornament. It does sound quite like a drumming going when I hear the woodpeckers going at it in the woods behind our house. Lots of lovely bird pictures. Happy stitching! Andrea

deb said...

Woodpecker drumming - delightful! As are all your beautiful bird pictures. :)

Margaret said...

It's so cool how the birds know the seasons. Beautiful pictures as always!

Barb said...

I love those cute little sparrows!

RJ said...

Enjoyed all of your lovely bird photos, Beth. I CAN'T wait to see the woodpecker drumming stitched. Is this an old pattern or is it still available? RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

Maggee said...

Love all the birds you found! I wonder if the mystery bird I photographed recently was a Willow? I will have to check into that... That woodpecker ornament is going to be great! Hugs!