Monday, March 21, 2016

Welcome Back!

There's still 10 days left in March.  I might manage another St. Patrick's stitch or two.  I am ready to stitch "Luck to You"

Speaking of luck, I count myself lucky to have observed this lovely sunrise Friday morning - one of the benefit of Daylight Savings Time. 

Most of the male House Finches are red or orange. This guy, singing his heart out, favors yellow.  

From everything I've read, he will need an especially melodic song to get a mate, as yellow is not considered as attractive as orange and red. 

I've seen my small flock of Bushtits a time or two.

This male Lesser Goldfinch is coming by most days now.  I'm hoping a female or two will show up shortly.

As of Sunday it is officially spring  For me, that came a few days early with the return of the Violet-green Swallows. I love to watch them fly and listen to their 'chatter'.

My dad was a great help.  We took down all of the houses, removed the old nesting material, and washed the houses inside and out with a weak solution of water and bleach to kill any lingering parasites.

As soon as the houses were back up, the birds started house-hunting.

I was super pleased to see a pair of Tree Swallows too.  They came right back to the house that they inhabited last year.  They will make their nests with grass clippings topped with feathers and soft materials. 
Welcome back everyone!


Vickie said...

A sweet stitch you have planned Beth. Aww, I hope the little yellow finch finds a lady looking for "unique". :D

Le trame della Galaverna said...

So beautiful
I would like to buy a little house for birds

Margaret said...

Oh how wonderful! Hummers in the last post, and now this one with the birds coming back to nest in your birdhouses. Yay for spring!

Maggee said...

How neat that the houses are immediately being investigated and some claimed! I put out some potential next building materials in a suet feeder, but I don't see it being claimed... oh well... Hugs!