Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Sowing Shamrocks or Sewing Shamrocks

I'm pretty pleased with the pun I used to title today's post.
Whether I sowed shamrocks or I sewed shamrocks, there are three more of them now.  The chart has fifteen small shamrocks surrounding a larger one, so I still have my work cut out if there is any hope of completing this in March.

I noticed that I've not had any woodpecker photos for a while.
So here we go!

I see a male Hairy Woodpecker in the trees in the backyard.

He is very talkative - a loud clear "peep', so it is easy to spot him.  

He was messing around on this branch very high up a Douglas fir tree...

Walking back and forth and circling the branch 360 degrees because he's a woodpecker!

He also flies in from the trees and lands on the feeders in the back. 

The female Hairy Woodpecker prefers the feeders in the front.

The two Acorn Woodpeckers spend part of each day hard at work on their granary tree.  I think they must be storing peanuts there as well as acorns.

The female Acorn at the peanut feeder.

The male Acorn at the suet feeder.

The male Acorn with at the peanut feeder.

Look Ma - no hands!

The female Acorn with a peanut. They eat about 50% of the peanuts they snag and fly away with the other 50%.

The Flickers are up bright and early drumming on the roof.

They are all about the suet feeder...


...and female alike.


Vickie said...

I like the Hairy Woodpecker photos a lot.

Pondside said...

The Flickers are my favourites - so shy, but their flash of bright breast is always a treat to see.

Barb said...

What a clever play on words!! That's a lovely little shamrock design. I always love seeing your woodpecker photos!

Wanda said...

Beth, thanks for the woodpecker fix - great photos for the end of a long day!

LDR said...

I really enjoy your photos!

Carol said...

Great photos of the birds at your suet feeder. I think we need one like you have with the wooden thing that hangs down. That must make the birds feel more secure than the cage only feeder that we have.

Maggee said...

I try and try to keep up, but just cannot! Love the shamrock progress,,, may be done by now... I am behind again! I enjoy seeing the woodpeckers that visit you... you take great shots, even when they are up in a tall, tall tree! Thanks for sharing!