Thursday, March 10, 2016

An Early March Bird Walk

I am plugging away on Heart in Hand's "2011 Collector's Heart".

Last Wednesday my mom and I went on a bird walk led by Wild Birds Unlimited. 

We headed out to Kirk Pond near Fern Ridge Reservoir.

I was pleased to see an American White Pelican.

There is something so prehistorically cool about pelicans!

The pelican had been leading a convoy of Cormorants.

There were several kinds of ducks including Great Scaups.

The males are leading while the female brings up the rear.

Tree Swallows swooped above the pond calling out with their liquid trill as they caught and ate insects.
It great to see these lovely birds return for the spring and summer.  I am hoping that a pair or two will come my way and nest in the houses I have set up for them.
It was a short walk over to the Fern Ridge dam and spill-way.

There we saw a new to me bird - a Spotted Sandpiper.

Back at Kirk Pond we saw a group of Common Mergansers (to the right). These shy birds flew away as we approached.

We also saw one of my favorite birds - a male Belted Kingfisher.

As might be expected, there were oodles of Canada Geese.

There was also a nice group of American Wigeons. 

The brush and trees surrounding the pond had lots of activity too.
We heard a Bewick's Wren and a Marsh Wren, though we were not able to see the birds.  Above is a Black-capped Chickadee - not  bashful like the wrens.

We also saw several Golden-crowned Kinglets.

And this Spotted Towhee sang us good bye as we returned to our cars.
A good outing!


Vickie said...

Man, you saw great birds!
I like your current hear stitch very much.

Joyce said...

Wow it looks like you had a great excursion so nice you could spend time with your Mom, love your great pictures.

Mouse said...

how lovely to see all those birds ... love the pelican (once got really close to one at the Zoo when I was a wee mouse) ... and the kingfisher ... and glad to be able to join you on your walk :) love mouse xxxx

MaryO said...

Wowie zowie! What great bird pics!

Barb said...

What a wonderful bird walk! That white pelican is just beautiful and I love the subtle colors on the Kingfisher.

Maggee said...

A VERY good outing!! I look forward to seeing many of those birds this spring and summer!! We have Brown Pelicans here most of the time, and the occasional White one in the winter... at least from what I have seen others post about! (I just posted about my big outing on my birding blog)I wonder if any of our local WBU do tours... gotta check on that! Thanks for sharing... Hugs!